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Soooooooooooo, we just had our One Piece Photoshoot yesterday at Estrella De Mendoza Hotel & Resort and it was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
A dream come true for me cosplaying with cosplayers who I look up to and meeting new amazing friends.

It was such a fun-filled experience since it was our first time going to shoot at Batangas which is far. Soo veryyy far. 0_____o yeah, you read it write. Ha-ha! So, we have to leave at around 8am at our meeting place but, some of us arrived late and one of them is ME. hoho :( I was working with my thesis the whole night and I haven`t prepared my things for the shoot yet and I have to make a new negative ghost. So, I've plan not to sleep just to finish all those stuffs but at around 4A.M. I suddenly fell a sleep. *fufufu. Then when I woke up it was already 7.A.M. I was totally doomed since I`m staying in Laguna>.< Sooo, I rushed to bathroom, took a bath and put my clothes and leave. I was really shy because I`m late. >.< but good thing I`m not the only person who is late.*what a relief.  HA-HA.  

It took us 3-4 hours to get to our location but we had fun on the road. My nakama's have lots of story to tell. From anime to showbiz to ghost stories. HAHA! And here's the unforgettable phrases of the day that ate loki can`t get over with "HINDI GWAPO SI JOHN LLOYD!" and "Are we there yet?" ! HAHA:) The count down to the resort, that moment when we saw the resort's billboard and the screams of excitement. :)

Here are some of the photos me and a member of our group took :)

Silent Farewell by akadiaknight17 

WOMEN OF ONE PIECE by akadiaknight17  

A Final Bid Farewell by akadiaknight17




*Thanks a bunch to Gaby-schwaaan and her Aunt for letting us shoot at their resort for free. It was paradise!  Gaby-schwaaan is the best ever! I so love her. She's so nice and sweet and very funny too!
*To Ate Loki-heart, for organizing the shoot, thanks for the patient. lol. It was my first time meeting her personally, at first I thought she was mataray but I was wrong! Ate Loki is so mabait and bubbly. She loves to talks a lot, and I like her being that.
*To Kuya Jayem, for travelling back here in the Philippines just for this shoot! We really appreciate it! Stay cool kuya! :)
*Beach Markee, I immediately became bff with him! He is fun to be with! I enjoyed his company. We planned to swim with our make up on, too bad we don`t have enough time to swim. *errrrr. I miss you already Beacccch! :)
*To Kristalyn, nyaaan, you are so nice and very talented. I really love your shots! I hope we could collab someday! :)
*To Mimi, you are so pretty, I`m gonna die. HA-HA! You are the perfect HANCOCK ever!
*To Sis Mayden, smexy as ever! lol
*Kuya Gerald, Joseph, Vanessa, Tj, you guys are awesome!

You guys are the best!

I guess, that's all for now!
Ja Ne!~ *fufufufu
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November 18, 2012


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